Poem: Min Nong

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mǐn  nóng  shī



                                     lǐ  shēn


鋤 禾 日 當 午

chú  hé  rì  dāng  wǔ


汗 滴 禾 下 土

hàn  dī  hé  xià  wǔ


誰 知 盤 中 飱

shéi  zhī  pán  zhōng  sūn


粒 粒 皆 辛 苦

lì  lì  jiē  xīn  kǔ



    one Chinese tradition that is strictly followed is that everyone must finish

all the food in his or her rice bowl.


    The poem describes the hardships that a rice farmer must go through

in order to harvest the rice that will end up in the rice bowls of people

aroundChina. To leave food left in one’s rice bowl is very rude,

for not only is it wasteful, but it is also disrespectful to

the farmers who toiled in the fields to bring such foods to one’s rice bowl.

“A grain of rice is a drop of sweat.” No sweat was wasted on this meal,

as all the rice bowls were emptied to satisfaction.


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